Companies, and HR departments in particular, are facing a huge challenge developing and implementing a global mobility function within their organizations. Providing an effective and quick solution, establishing the route becomes essential:

1. In today´s world planning is essential since HR teams need to provide the business side with a quick and effective mobility solution. Developing and implementing a global mobility policy is  a great form of planning ahead since it will facilitate the mobility administration and put the focus on the employee and the business.


2. The selection process is one of the key items that make the international assignment a success. The objective of the assignment and job description needs to be very clear in order to make the right choice. To have the right people on the selection committee also plays a key role.


3. The package is one of the biggest factors in attracting, retaining and motivating your global staff. Help your employees to plan ahead their tax implications since it will save a lot of time in the future.


4. The complexity and importance of the legal framework makes this item an important one.


5. Immigration laws are constantly changing, so make sure you have an up-to-date version of the requirements as well as a full understanding of the timelines.


6. Don´t forget to consider the employee´s family when designing the international assignment. They are an essential part on the success of the assignment.


7. Insurance is a must, above all in countries with political instability, poor or expensive health system and lack of safety.


8. Improving your employee´s awareness and understanding of culture will make a difference.


9. Establish a fluent communication with your employees and make them feel part of the process right from the beginning.


10. The termination of the assignment is a crucial point within the company´s global mobility plan. HR departments should start planning months ahead before the end of the assignment.


Remember the golden rule: try to stay ahead with terms of immigration, legal framework and tax implications it makes the process a lot easier.

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