Legal advice

The legal, tax, immigration, international social security and other variables involved in international assignments require a global approach, as well as careful planning and regulatory compliance.



We offer a full range of services covering all aspects of global mobility.





·         Labour advice

  •  Labor audit and advice
  •  Establishing the labor framework
  • Preparation or reviewing of assignment letters


·         International social security advice

  •  International social security compliance service
  • Advice on applicable legislation
  • Application of social security agreements
  • Advice on the legal aspects of health-care coverage


·          Immigration advice

  • Advice on international immigration
  • Planning the expatriation process from the immigration point of view
  • Management of all types of work and residence permits


·         Tax advice

  •  Preliminary tax planning
  •  Analysis of the employee tax residency
  • Tax benefits for Spanish residents. Services rendered outside Spain
  •  International double tax relief


·         Advice and design of compensation packages

  • Design competitive, equitable and cost-effective expatriate packages
  •   Cost of Living and quality of living reports